Maleny honeymoon accommodation

Special Occasions

Celebrate your special occasions at Secrets on The Lake

Beautiful celebrations are the spice of life and we love helping you have things to look forward to. We make it easy for people to smell the roses. 

Romance is about the little things, and it is such a pleasure for us to see people taking good care of their loved ones. Doing little things for each other is the glue to a great lasting relationship and adds fire and spice to your union. Whether you are looking to pamper your loved one with a special surprise or are planning a grand gesture of love, we are here to help.

If you have an idea or want our help to orchestrate a special surprise, give us a call on (07) 5478 5888As long as we have enough time to organize it, if we can do it we will.


Planning a proposal that is special, personal and memorable has become a very big deal for many of our guests. The foundation of a fabulous proposal is a private and special place to spend time together. All of our tree houses have a spectacular ambience, unique style, views and privacy.

Planning the perfect proposal takes time, energy and usually quite a few allies! Call us today to start discussing ideas and possibilities on (07) 5478 5888 .

Petal Endearments

There is nothing more romantic than flowers, and petals seem to capture the senses of young and old alike. Our beautiful petals have won the hearts of many in our treehouses. They have helped secure a proposal, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and make people feel pampered and loved.

A petal aisle makes the outdoor wedding feel more opulent, and petals to shower the newly weds make for great photos of celebration. Call us today on (07) 5478 5888 for a quote or click here for more information and examples.