June is celebration month

June is celebration month. It is the beginning of what is officially winter when we enjoy wearing our winter clothes at night but the days are glorious, warming up and wind free. George will spend loads of time gardening and the maintenance guys will enjoy the outdoors and not need to seek shade. Guests will…

Unique Proposals

One never forgets the amazing emotions of the day and events when your loved one proposed. For some of us it was planned to the last detail, while for others it was spur of the moment, a revelation, that this was the only thing to do and no matter how soon, we can’ t go…

New Head Chef

Mathew Law Our New Head Chef

We are delighted with our new head chef! Mathew Law joined Secrets Team in June last year and now has stepped up as Head Chef.  He has brought not only a new set of skills to the kitchen  but also has a very calm approach which has given a new energy to the kitchen team….